A widowed woman unable to carry on and who only lives in the odd chapters.
A fundamentally optimistic man who lives in the even chapters and is about to find out a shocking truth about his own identity.
These are the premises of Magpies, a 150 pages long graphic novel about loss, love and the quest for the real self.
This is a project that has been going on for years, often neglected for long periods of time, always haunting me in the back of my mind.
I used analogue and digital techiques, in form of photographs, collages, drawings and photomontages; I wanted to break free from restrictions imposed by my work: all I wanted was to grab the images I had in mind and spread them onto a piece of paper so that they would stop bugging me.
The narrative is divided into seven chapters, which mimic the rhyme and try to shed light on one question: who are we, really? And how do we change when we relate to other people around us?

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